My life in a pinch!

Hello! My name is Brad, I was born in Chicago and raised in Minneapolis I have settled in what I believe is in the middle, GREEN BAY WISCOO. I started my photography Career in 2016 in the very fast paced world of drag racing, covering events all over the United States! A few years ago, I fell in love with family photography and would take pictures of my family & friends every chance I could. I attend photographer meetups & workshops where I continue to develop the knowledge to help capture your special day.

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What's on my hip!!


Loving that sony mirrorless lightness!

Sony a7iii 24-70 g master 2.8

Sony a6500 35mm 1.4


Team Westscott over this way!

Fj400 portable studio flash (off camera lighting)

Fj80 on camera flash