The man Behind The camera

Photographer & Videographer

Hey, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Brad Williamson, photographer, videographer, and most importantly a friend! Thank you for taking time to read about who I am. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin 10 years ago. I am now in a place I now consider my home with my family and dog Maximillian. During my free time, if I’m not with my family or photographing an event, you can find me hanging out with my friends. I mostly like to bowl. P.S. I’m terrible at bowling! My favorite thing in this WORLD to eat are tacos! I would call my love for tacos more of an obsession, I can eat taco anytime!

I started my passion for photography in 2016. The first photo I ever took with my camera was at drag racing event in Southern Wisconsin with my best friend John. From there on, I was hooked! Over the years, we would travel all over the United States were we would follow cars from state-to-state meeting different people and experiencing different cultures. Now, you’re probably wondering how I went from photographing cars to photographing people and the answer is simple! I love capturing that special moment! Seeing people smile day in and day out helped to better my day! Making others feel special, gave me that extra tickle in my chest. To this day, I still get that feeling every time.

Over the last 2 years I have refined my skills by attending photography works shops and meetups all over the country. At these events, I learned how to use natural lighting, studio lighting, and how to pose individuals as well as couples. Using my family and friends as often as I could to practice. During this time, I had an amazing opportunity to be an intern for a well-known wedding photographer in the Fox Valley area. Now enough about me! Let’s talk so I can hear more about you!